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Metro Driving School is the leading Driving and Counseling Institution in the Washington DC Metro Area. Our main goal is to give proper guidelines and driving techniques, in a safe and responsible manner to all our students. It is our aim to help both young and old drivers adopt defensive driving techniques in order to become responsible drivers and be courteous towards other road users.

  1. Driver Education Programs: Every Student shall receive thirty (30) hours of Classroom instruction and six (6) hours of in-car (behind-the-wheel) instruction within a specified period of time.
  2. Bounced (Rubber) Checks will attract an additional fee of $25.00
  3. Passing Score: Every Student is expected to receive a cumulative score of eighty percent (80%) in order to pass. This is done through daily quizes/tests at the end of every session of the units from the curriculum plus a final test.
  4. Certificate: Certificates will be issued promptly upon completion of the prescribed hours for both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.
  5. Class Disturbance and Fighting at School: Students who constantly disturbs in class will be suspended for a period not exceeding two weeks and any students who fights during class will be terminated without any consideration.

Additional information and clarifications will be given during the class. Thank you for your business and we hope you will enjoy our satisfactory services.